What is a secondary energy source?

Answer The term "secondary energy" is not commonly known, yet secondary forms of energy are necessary for many of the practical applications of energy in our society. There are some drawbacks to the use o... Read More »

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How to Footnote a Secondary Source?

Research papers require several sources in order to make them credible, and each source must be documented in order to avoid plagiarism. Secondary sources, such as newspapers, Web sites, journals a... Read More »

You need information on how copays effect primary and secondary insurance If you pay your copay on primary does that off set your copay on secondary and would secondary pay remaining portion of bill?

Answer I don't quite understand your question. Check this link for links to explanations of dual coverage. Have you read the applicable ... Read More »

How to Change a 120V Primary-12V Secondary Transformer to a 24V Secondary?

A step-down transformer is used to reduce the output voltage of an AC signal without changing the total power of that signal. Step-down transformers are rated according to either the turns ratio be... Read More »

Which non-renewable source is the nation's second leading source of energy?

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, natural gas is the second leading source of energy, accounting for 24 percent of energy in 2008. In third is coal which accounts fo... Read More »