What is a seashell used for?

Answer Seashells are the exoskeletons, or exterior skeletons of mollusks. Mollusks are soft-bodied creatures who use the shells, which they make from calcium, for protection and camouflage. A shell found ... Read More »

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Seashell Gifts?

Seashells come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and they can be a perfect gift for someone who loves the beach or who simply appreciates the beauty of nature. When someone on your gift list loves s... Read More »

How to Drill a Seashell?

One of the most durable and beautiful forms found in nature, sea shells make a sturdy foundation for jewelry and other craft projects. In order to make use of a sea shell,it's often necessary to dr... Read More »

Where does the sound in a seashell come from?

Though the sound in a seashell is often said to be the sound of the ocean or the blood coursing through one's ear, it is actually the effect of the shell's hard, curving interior magnifying, reflec... Read More »

What is the seashell a symbol of?

To the Romans, seashells symbolized prosperity and regeneration. The seashell also symbolized the goddess Venus, who came from the depths of the sea, and fertility (Venus was the goddess of fertili... Read More »