What is a sea otter's adaptation?

Answer Sea otters are the smallest marine mammal. They belong to the Mustelidae family that also includes weasels and ferrets. Sea otters have evolved remarkable adaptations, which allow them to spend vir... Read More »

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What eats river otters?

According to the University of Washington, natural predators of the river otter include coyotes, some species of bear and the bald eagle. With so few predators, river otters are close to the top of... Read More »

What is the biggest breed of otters?

Giant river otters (pteronura brasiliensis), which live in South America, are the world's longest otters, reaching a length of more than 6 feet, but the sea otter (enhydra lutris) found in the Paci... Read More »

What do you call a group of otters?

Otters are semi-aquatic or aquatic mammals that eat fish. A group of otters is referred to as a romp. There are 13 different species of otters, which can be differentiated from each other based on ... Read More »

What do otters in south carolina eat?

Northern river otters inhabit many of South Carolina's aquatic environments, from upland streams to coastal estuaries. These intelligent members of the weasel family are voracious and opportunistic... Read More »