What is a sea monkey ?

Answer Sea Monkeys are a species of brine shrimp called Artemia NYOS that are sold under the registered trademark brand name "Sea Monkey." Transcience Corporation is the exclusive manufacturer of Sea Mon... Read More »

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What is a sock monkey?

With its button eyes, stitched-on smile and long tail, the sock monkey became a favorite companion for many children in America and Canada during the 1930s. While not as popular as it was once, the... Read More »

What Is a Monkey Wrench Used for?

A monkey wrench is an early type of adjustable wrench invented in the 19th century. Its main use is to tighten or loosen a metal object that can be turned, such as a nut and bolt or fitted pipe. Th... Read More »

What is the story of the Monkey King?

He is born from a stone boulder high atop the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. He becomes king of all the monkeys on this island when he proves himself in a test of bravery. He rules for many years f... Read More »

What is a monkey respiratory system?