What is the best soap scum remover?

Answer On One Hand: Borax and Lemon Oil Work WellBorax--sodium borate--and lemon furniture oil are a great combination in removing soap scum. According to "lemon furniture oil will clean ... Read More »

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What is an effective way to remove soap scum?

Lysol 4in1 bathroom cleaner and a nylon scrubber

What is the yellowish scum on a baby's scalp?

It is called cradle cap - a type of dandruff. Rub some olive oil into the baby's head and then comb the stuff out.

What the BEST product for cleaning soap scum off shower doors.?

I use CLR. It works well for me. Here's a little tip though. Once you've cleaned the soap scum completely from the shower door, apply a couple of coats of car wax to the glass.....or even Rain-X... Read More »

What was the name of the track from Grease that played in the Angry Beavers episode Pond Scum?

There were several different ones. A couple of them are from movies -- one from Il Postino, and another from Cinema Paradiso (my apologies if I've misspelled)