What is a script error on a computer?

Answer While surfing the Web it's not uncommon to encounter all sorts of unexpected alert messages. A script error is one of the most common, though it is nothing to fear.DefinitionA script error occurs w... Read More »

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What is an Internet script error?

Internet script errors are the result of attempting to run commands or applications that your computer system cannot understand. Script errors often occur due to outdated browsers or hardware and f... Read More »

What Is an 1802 Script Error?

An 1802 script error is a message that comes from Windows Installer if there is a program during the installation of a software program. The 1802 script error means that the system cannot continue ... Read More »

What does "Internet Explorer Script Error" mean?

An Internet Explorer Script Error occurs when your web browser (Internet Explorer) experiences difficulties running a client-side script from a web site.These scripts may be in JavaScript, JScript,... Read More »

What does an Internet Explorer script error mean?

According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer script errors mean that the website you are viewing has problems processing its own JavaScript or VBScript code. You can try reloading the page but if the ... Read More »