What is a screen shot?

Answer A screen shot, also known as a screen capture or screenshot, is an image created from part or all the information (text, windows, images and so forth) displayed on a computer screen at a certain mo... Read More »

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What is screen shot what does it mean to capture a screen shot?

A "screen shot" is when you take a picture of what ever is on your computer monitor. For instance if you push the print screen button on your keyboard it will take a picture of your screen. Pretty ... Read More »

How do you make a screen shot/print screen of an email?

Press the PRTSCN (Print Screen) on your keyboard. It is normally above the INSERT key.They want to see the error message. Take the screen shot and paste it into an Email and send it back to them.

Is there a way to print a screen shot of what is on your screen at the moment?

How to Take Screen Shot or Print Screen on a Mac Using Grab?

The icon for Grab, a program for Mac that allows you to take screen shotsPCs have a lovely little button in the corner of the keyboard that lets you take instant shots of your screen, but Macs don'... Read More »