Can we play PlayStation 2 connected to the computer monitor using it as a screen instead of the TV screen?

Answer…or through the pc (cool for recording game play)…

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My PowerPoint doesn't play on full screen, what should I do?

pressing F5 itself plays ur slide show in full screen if it doesn't help press F11 or F12...

Can you play an Xbox 360 on a computer screen?

Yes, you can. A cable is available that connects to the Xbox 360's video output to the VGA connection supported by most computer monitors. Newer models of the Xbox 360 also come with a built-in HDM... Read More »

How to play videos in full screen?

install vlc media playeropen the video with it press C two times

Is it safe to play ps2 on plasma screen TVs?

It is safe to play in that you will not be hurt. There is a concern about picture burn in on some plasma TV screens and it is not restricted to whether it is a PS2 being played or from other situat... Read More »