The Best Non-Scratch or Scratch-Resistant Eyeglass Lenses?

Answer Eyeglass lenses tend to scratch with use or neglect. A scratched up pair of eyeglasses can compromise vision and be a source of annoyance. Technology has yet to come out with scratch-free, lenses b... Read More »

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Can i fix a scratch on a camera lens or is it done for can't see the scratch in photos?

A scratch on the lens will not affect sharpness of pictures, it will introduce a little flare when bright objects are in shot and reduce contrast a tiny bit. You don't say what the camera is, but a... Read More »

How to Use Shiatsu for Golfer's Elbow?

Shiatsu is a form of massage originated out of ancient Japanese hand therapy. The word itself comes from 2 Japanese words "shi" and "atsu" meaning finger pressure. Shiatsu is believed to work by ma... Read More »

Who is Bobby Jones the golfer?

Bobby Jones was a golfer who captured the British Open, United States Open, British Amateur and United States Amateur titles all in one year in 1930. Jones also helped design Augusta Ntional Golf C... Read More »

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