What is a saxophone?

Answer The saxophone, commonly known as a "sax," is a single-reed woodwind instrument that usually has a curved conical metal tube used to produce its sound.TypesSaxophones come in various sizes that have... Read More »

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What is a tenor saxophone?

The tenor saxophone, along with the alto saxophone, are the two most popular saxophones. The tenor saxophone is a recognizable instrument because of modern jazz music.DefinitionA tenor saxophone is... Read More »

What is an alto saxophone?

An alto saxophone is one variety of saxophone, an instrument invented in the 1800s by the Belgian Antoine-Joseph Sax, who combined the mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument with the body of a brass i... Read More »

What key signature is the soprano saxophone in?

According to Connexions, a "key signature is a list of all the sharps and flats in the key that the music is in." The soprano saxophone's key signature is Bb, or B flat, which is one full step lowe... Read More »

What saxophone did boots randolph play?

Homer Louis "Boots" Randolph was a legendary tenor saxophonist from Paducah, Kentucky. He played for such greats as Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and REO Speedwagon. He played a Selmer Su... Read More »