What Are the Physical Attributes of a Savanna Biome?

Answer Savannas, which are also called tropical grasslands, are generally found between deserts and tropical rainforest. They receive more precipitation than the desert, but not enough to support a forest... Read More »

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What is the average rainfall in a tropical savanna?

Savannas are grasslands with few trees or shrubs and are found in warm or humid climates. The annual rainfall in a savanna is about 50.8 to 127 centimeters (20 to 50 inches) per year, concentrated ... Read More »

What is the average rainfall per year in a savanna?

Savannas receive an average rainfall of 20 to 50 inches per year. This biome is a type of grassland with scattered trees and with warm to hot climates. Nearly half of Africa as well as large parts ... Read More »

What Animals in the Tropical Savanna Fight for Space?

The savanna has very many species. Most animals are overprotective of their territories. If another species tries to invade their territory, they will usually fight to defend it. Although most spec... Read More »

What is the name of the thorn tree that grows in the African savanna?

Over 700 species make up the acacia family. The Senegal gum acacia is the thorn tree of the African savanna and provides shelter for wildlife. It is also a source of gum arabic, an ingredient in va... Read More »