What is a sausage casing?

Answer Sausage casing is the outer layer or "skin" that holds the ground sausage meat inside the links. Some casings are eaten with the sausage. Others serve as a container to shape the sausage, but are... Read More »

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What is sausage casing made of?

Natural sausage casings are made from cleaned animal intestines--usually sheep, pigs or cattle. A sausage casing may also be made of very thin layers of beef hide or, in the case of synthetic casin... Read More »

What is natural sausage casing made of?

Natural sausage casing is made from the submucosa, a layer of connective tissue from intestines of animals such as hogs, sheep and cattle. The tissue is strong and has a high degree of elasticity, ... Read More »

Pork Sausage Beef Sausage Or Turkey Sausage Which do you like better with your Eggs?

TURKEY! I do not eat pork at all! Blessings to you, Scooter!

What is casing gas?

Casing gas, or casinghead gas, as it is usually referred to, is natural gas that is produced at the wellhead when oil is pumped from the ground. It is also sometimes called waste gas.Associated Ga... Read More »