What is a satellite phone?

Answer A satellite phone, or satphone, is a telephone that uses radio waves, rather than telephone wires, to bounce a signal off a satellite. Satellite phones are used in rural areas and on expeditions su... Read More »

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What satellite was used in the first telephone call made by satellite?

The first satellite to transmit a telephone call was the Telstar 1, launched on July 10, 1962. It was the first active communications satellite capable of two-way communication. The phone call was ... Read More »

What direction d dish network satellite I heard they have a new satellite towards the south east?

We have 7 satellites that we use to provide programming to our customers. The last satellite that was launched was in 2008. Depending on the line of sight, East coast locations normally are pointed... Read More »

Another satellite/phone line question?

You do not need a phone line to get DVR, It is only for PPV ordering and caller ID. Dish Network offers to give you a $5 discount on your bill for each receiver connected to a phone line.

How to Connect a Cox Satellite Internet to Phone Modem?

Cox Communications offers its subscribers bundled-service packages, which include both high-speed satellite Internet access and telephone service. These two services are provided through the same m... Read More »