What is a sarsaparilla drink?

Answer Sarsaparilla is a soft drink made from the root of a vine from Central America. Its flavor is much like root beer. Sarsaparilla was once very popular in the United States, but is now difficult to f... Read More »

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What is sarsaparilla?

Sarsaparilla, or Aralia nudicaulis, is an edible berry- and flower-producing plant that grows native across Canada and the northeastern United States. Sarsaparilla roots have been used in the produ... Read More »

What is sarsaparilla root?

Sarsaparilla root is the root of a perennial tailing vine indigenous to Central America. It is used as a flavoring agent, particularly in soft drinks such as root beer, and for its medicinal proper... Read More »

How to Make Sarsaparilla Soda?

Sarsaparilla is a prickly stemmed vine native to Central America. Its stem, root and leaves all have culinary applications, particularly for making beverages like root beer. Originally sarsaparilla... Read More »

Why Sarsaparilla give me more energy than Energy drinks them selves?

maybe sars contain lots of sugar thats why ur body react like that..thats normal,hunn... =)