How to Build a Sand Rail?

Answer The sand rail -- aka "dune buggy" -- isn't a car. It isn't a truck, and it sure isn't a fancy-pants VW Bug. In terms of function, the dedicated sand rail works more like a side-by-side snowmobile o... Read More »

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How to Build a Sand Rail Dashboard?

Sand rails are minimalist, two-wheel drive, off road vehicles (dune buggies) often based on Volkswagen beetle running gear. The name comes from the steel tubing or "rails" used in the chassis const... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Sand Rail at Home?

A sand rail, sometimes called a sandcar, is a lightweight vehicle designed to be operated on off-road terrain. Though typically operated on sand, they can also be used on dirt or loose gravel. Thes... Read More »

Can a sand rail be street legal in Nevada?

Ask at your state's motor vehicle registraton office. If it's legal in Arizona, it's probably acceptable in Nevada.

How o i change timbers on a s and c crossing on the rail track i work on rail dont now how to this thanks.?

Start by digging out around the sleeper, then dig a trench the same lengh as the sleeper or as long as possible. Take the chair bolts out and pull the sleeper in to the trench. you will need a few ... Read More »