How to Build a Sand Rail?

Answer The sand rail -- aka "dune buggy" -- isn't a car. It isn't a truck, and it sure isn't a fancy-pants VW Bug. In terms of function, the dedicated sand rail works more like a side-by-side snowmobile o... Read More »

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How to Build a Sand Rail Dashboard?

Sand rails are minimalist, two-wheel drive, off road vehicles (dune buggies) often based on Volkswagen beetle running gear. The name comes from the steel tubing or "rails" used in the chassis const... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Sand Rail at Home?

A sand rail, sometimes called a sandcar, is a lightweight vehicle designed to be operated on off-road terrain. Though typically operated on sand, they can also be used on dirt or loose gravel. Thes... Read More »

Can a sand rail be street legal in Nevada?

Ask at your state's motor vehicle registraton office. If it's legal in Arizona, it's probably acceptable in Nevada.

What Are the Differences Between Silica Sand & Medical Grade Sand?

Sand comes in many varieties and has a variety of uses. Silica sand and aluminum oxide crystals (called medical-grade sand) are two forms of sand that have industrial and commercial uses. According... Read More »