What is a salvage title on a car?

Answer The certificate of title for a vehicle is required if you want to register, insure or purchase plates for your vehicle. Salvage titles are issued primarily when an insurance company deems a car to ... Read More »

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What is a Salvage Title Car?

Salvage title vehicles are a good choice for those looking to buy an inexpensive car. Often found in auctions and purchased from owners or small dealers, salvage cars can be found nearly anywhere i... Read More »

Can salvage title be insured?

Answer Most insurers will not provide coverage at all for a salvaged vehicle and consider them unsafe. Some will provide Liability coverage but not full coverage. Others will provide full coverge B... Read More »

What is a Salvage Title Motor Vehicle?

States may issue salvage titles for vehicles that sustain damage in floods or other natural disasters. A salvage title usually indicates the vehicle is worth less than the cost to repair it. Salvag... Read More »

Will geico insure your car with salvage title?

A Geico agent told me that they will insure a car upon further review. He told me that I would first have to purchase liability insurance. Then I would have to email and fax all the relevant docume... Read More »