What to use a a flask?

Answer several pages in the book before you put the flask hole in it

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What is sake?

Sake has its origin in Japan where it is perhaps the most popular drink for adults. Fermented from koji rice grown especially for the purpose of making the drink, sake has a relatively high alcoho... Read More »

What is the use of a volumetric flask?

A volumetric flask is used to accurately measure the volume of a liquid. It is a standard piece of equipment in chemistry laboratories, and it is used by analytical chemists to aid in the accuracy... Read More »

What is a flask used for?

A flask is a container that is usually used to hold liquor. Flasks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, leather and pewter. You can purchase ... Read More »

What is sake wine?

Sake wine is a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink made from rice. It plays a number of roles in Japanese life.RiceRice, the main ingredient, can be partially milled beforehand to create different... Read More »