What is a safety neutral switch?

Answer Without exception, all new vehicles sold in America today have neutral safety switches, sometimes called a safety neutral switch. These small but important devices have prevented countess dollars ... Read More »

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What is a neutral safety switch?

The neutral safety switch prevents the car from starting in any gear except neutral or park. This is a safety measure to keep the vehicle from moving before the driver is ready.FunctionThe neutral ... Read More »

What does a Jeep neutral safety switch do?

The neutral safety switch on a Jeep controls the backup lights, shift points and overdrive engagement. The neutral safety switch in the AW-4 Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn't allow the Jeep to start in n... Read More »

How to Replace a Neutral Safety Switch?

In the early to mid 1980s car manufacturers began installing a safety device in all vehicles called a neutral safety switch, which prevents you from starting your vehicle in any gear except for par... Read More »

How Do You Bypass the Neutral Safety Switch on a 97 F-350?

Your 1997 Ford 350, or F-350 pickup truck came with a number of different safety features. One safety feature that was included with your truck, was the neutral safety switch. The neutral safety sw... Read More »