What is a safe vomiting remedy while pregnant?

Answer I've heard of dampening a wash cloth in cool/cold water and laying it over your throat to lessen nausea

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Is it safe to use water&hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting?

On One Hand: For Animals, Not PeopleHydrogen peroxide--at 3 percent strength, commonly found in first aid kits, not hair dye strength--is usually used to induce vomiting in dogs and cats after inge... Read More »

How do you know whether you are vomiting due to food poisining or because you are pregnant?

Answer Food poisoning sets in anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours after eating. It also makes you so violently sick that sometimes you cannot make it out of the bed. Morning sickness or pr... Read More »

How early can vomiting start when pregnant?

Answer As early as 2-3 weeks into the pregnancy that is around the toime of a missed period. But not everyone vomits, or even gets nauseated.

What medicines can pregnant women take for vomiting?

Call your Dr right away if you feel that the vomiting is serious enough to need medication.