What is a safe speed for a child on a slide?

Answer Safe Slide SpeedI would say go with a slide that is the proper size for your child to be able to control the speed of the slide. Any child under 8 should not use one of the slides that are bigger t... Read More »

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What is the optimum speed for a children's slide?

If your child doesn't feel safe in her school does the school have to provide her with a safe alternative?

sit down with your child and ask why,how,and what happens. cuase it could be serios someone could telling your child bad things or making them do things so sit down and talk.

On the highway, the speed limit is 65 so is it safe to do a 75?

many states have laws that read "keep right except to pass"everywhere it's not legally mandated it's common courtesyif everyone is going faster than you, you should be in the far right lane. if peo... Read More »

What is the safe wind speed for cranes?

Occasionally there will be times in which crane operators have to deal with wind speed. Each crane manufacturer has specified certain wind speeds that could cause an accident or damage to the cran... Read More »