What is a safe dose of phenylalanine?

Answer On One Hand: Most Common DosagePhenylalanine is an essential amino acid which you must consume either in medical form or consume foods that contain the substance. The body does not produce this ami... Read More »

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What is a safe dose of Extra Strength Tylenol?

Two at a time every 4 hours, but I found that Excedrin does much better for tooth aches.

Dose anyone think it is safe for fright and passenger trains to share the same tracks?

Accidents on the railways are extremely rare. The railway is a very safe form of transport compared with private cars on the roads.Also when an accident does happen there is a government enquiry to... Read More »

Taking insulin two types but do not have test gluco meter. Im using same dose as in hospital. Is that safe?

No, this is not safe.I cannot even imagine life with diabetes without a glucometer.I recently almost ran out of test strips. With so little info, My sugars were running my life rather than me.Thank... Read More »

What is DL phenylalanine?

DL phenylalanine is an essential amino acid used by the body for metabolic function. DL phenylalanine is a combination of D phenylalanine, a synthetic derivativel and L phenylalanine which is the n... Read More »