How to Talk About Your Heartbreak?

Answer Heartbreaks are tough but talking about the pain can help you move through it. Here are some ideas to help you.

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How do you talk to your teenage son about the past and his abusive now absent father if your not quite sure what he remembers in the first place but you know he is angry and confused about it?

AnswerThe big thing is to first create a safe environment where he understands the topic of abuse. Things like fighting fairly, saying what you mean during a discussion, not being passive-aggressiv... Read More »

What should you write about teenage pregnancy?

It all depends who the audience is and what you want your main message to be. Are you for or against it? Are you desiring to help? Were you pregnant as a teen and desire to tell your story? It all ... Read More »

What information is vital to no about teenage Pregnancy?

In my opinion it is vital that teenagers know it is so much harder than they think to look after a baby. They should also remember that their baby won't stay a baby forever! I think they should als... Read More »

What is the best conclusion of an individual about teenage pregnancy?

The best thing to do is let them work what they want to do