What is a saber saw?

Answer A saber saw, or sabre saw, is a hand-held electric saw with a base you hold in your hands, and long sword-like saw that extends out farther than a jigsaw.FunctionThe long arm of the saber saw is id... Read More »

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What is an Air Force SABER Contract?

A Simplified Acquisition of a Base Engineering Requirements contract. It is generally used for simple construction projects that require minimum design. Most SABER contracts use a unit priced book ... Read More »

Description of a Saber Saw?

A saber saw is a power tool used for making curved cuts in wood. The saw uses thin, straight blades with a serrated cutting edge on the front side. Many saber saws have a turn-able handle on the to... Read More »

How to Make a Light Saber?

Popular movies give rise to popular toys that often come with not-so-popular price tags. As with most toys, a child's toy fancy can pass quickly, making expensive toy investments a losing affair. Y... Read More »

Why was the saber tooth tiger extinct?

The saber-tooth tiger, also known as smilodon, has been extinct for about 11,500 years. There are a number theories about what drove the saber-tooth to extinction.Climate/Environment ChangeA recen... Read More »