What is a ruptured ear drum?

Answer Ruptured ear drum is a term used to describe a hole or perforation in the tympanic membrane, which separates the middle and outer ear and helps conduct the sound waves that provide normal hearing.C... Read More »

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Is my ear drum ruptured Am I going deaf!?

Close up the ear tightly with a finger for a while,about 3 or 4 min..then remove it..if that doesn't help..u need to see the doctor

Ear drum ruptured. How long would it take to heal?

You get relief as soon as the course of antibiotics is finished.

What is a ruptured disc?

Between the vertebrae on your spine are pads called discs, which consist of a jelly-type substance encased in a bony shell. A ruptured or herniated disc occurs when this jelly pokes through the a c... Read More »

What is a ruptured cervical disk?

A ruptured cervical disk, sometimes called a slipped disk or herniated disk, occurs when the jelly-like center of a disk in the spine ruptures through a weakened area in the outer wall. This aggrav... Read More »