What is a runoff primary?

Answer A primary election is held to determine which candidate from each party will make it onto the final ballot, and most states require that one candidate receive a minimum percentage of votes. If no c... Read More »

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What Is River Runoff?

River runoff refers to all water that comes into a river water system from sources such as rainfall, snowmelt and groundwater. Runoff includes water flowing over the land into the water system, wat... Read More »

What is a river runoff?

River runoff is water entering the hydrological network from rainfall or snowfall and groundwater, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It is ... Read More »

How to Identify Stormwater Runoff Hot Spots?

Today storm water runoff is considered one of the greatest threats to water quality. Storm water runoff carries sediments that clog streams, reduces oxygen levels, poisons aquatic ecosystems and in... Read More »

How to Manage Nitrogen Runoff on a Golf Course?

Golf course management deals with aspects far greater than the golf course itself. With many strict guidelines and plans to follow, the golf course manager must be aware of all applicable condition... Read More »