What is a runaway grand jury?

Answer A runaway grand jury is an unusual phenomenon in American jurisprudence in which a grand jury ceases to follow the lead of the prosecuting attorney and uses its powers to conduct investigations and... Read More »

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What does grand jury indictment mean?

Grand jury indictment means that a grand jury has determined that there is enough evidence to formally charge a person or persons with a crime and that a criminal trial should commence. A grand ju... Read More »

How many members are on a grand jury?

A grand jury consists of 16 to 23 individuals who are chosen at random to determine whether evidence presented by the federal or state government is sufficient enough to warrant a trial. Grand juri... Read More »

Probable Cause of a Grand Jury Subpoena?

Subpoenas for grand juries function like any other. They are commands for individuals to appear before a judge and jury and present sworn testimony in one of two ways. Persons receiving the subpoen... Read More »

Grand Jury Responsibilities in Massachusetts?

A grand jury's primary function is to determine if there is enough evidence to bring criminal charges against a person or corporation. In Massachusetts, grand juries are made up of 23 members. They... Read More »