What is a rumba rhythm?

Answer The rumba rhythm is put together by percussive instruments such as maracas, bongos and congas, and is used to accompany the music for a traditional dance called the Rumba.BasicsRumba-rhythm dance i... Read More »

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How to Do the Rumba?

Have you seen Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Ballroom Bootcamp, etc? If you want to join in the action, you'll need to learn a step or two. The Rumba is a basic Latin Dance. It... Read More »

When did the rumba start?

The rumba has been traced to Cuba around the time the first slaves were brought to the country from Africa (the 16th century). Lew Quinn and Joan Sawyer, two popular nightclub dancers, introduced t... Read More »

Where did the rumba originate?

The rumba originated in Cuba and represents a composite of several popular Cuban dances, such as the guaracha and the Cuban son. Rumba has roots in African ceremonial and religious dances and today... Read More »

Who Influenced the Rumba?

A dance and music genre with infectious rhythms, the rumba's influences go back centuries. It now has many different styles and offshoots, and still enjoys popularity among dancers, spectators, mus... Read More »