What is a ruby laser for surgery?

Answer A ruby laser generates a red light spectrum laser. It is used for cosmetic skin surgery, such as tattoo removal and the reduction of skin spots like freckles, according to the American Society of D... Read More »

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When was the ruby laser invented?

Ruby was the first material to create laser action in the visible spectrum. The first optical laser was built in 1960 by Ted Maiman and consisted of a ruby crystal within an aluminum tube.Source:La... Read More »

Is laser eye surgery the way to go?

I want it done aswell but can afford it, my friend paid 600 quid per eye and said it is the best thing she has ever done, one day i will get it done when the kids stop spending my money xx

What is laser eye surgery?

Laser technology is used to treat many medical conditions, and is now used as a crucial solution in the world of eye and vision care. Laser eye surgery is a procedure done to correct eye conditions... Read More »

Do you think the NHS will ever do laser eye surgery?

Probably not when vision can be dealt with using glasses, it'd be great if they did though.