What is a routine traffic stop law?

Answer A traffic stop, for many people, can be an unnerving, or even frightening, experience. Your rights are not always clear and, for this reason, laws have been enacted and Supreme Court cases decided,... Read More »

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G1 practice test help: You and another car stop at a non-stop/non-traffic light intersection at the same time.?

The answer is simple - if you see the car on your right then they have the right-of- way. (Note the term right-of-way). If you see them to your left then you are on their right. The right side refe... Read More »

School buses have to stop at train tracks, but does the other traffic going the other direction have 2 stop to?

How about an answer from a guy with 24 years of driving a school bus in Minnesota? The driver cancels the 8-way (overhead amber / red lights), pulls as far to the right as possible, activates 4-wa... Read More »

How to Develop a Routine to Stop Wasting Time?

When days are as short as they are, it is easy to waste much of them by either doing nothing or doing things that are unnecessary. Such uneventful days can leave you feeling unproductive and frustr... Read More »

Best way to stop traffic noise?