What is a round marble made of color-streaked glass called?

Answer Round marbles made of color-streaked glass are called aggies or immies. The term "aggies" is derived from the agate used to make early marbles. Immie is an abbreviation and slang for the term "imit... Read More »

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What color marble dust is needed to achieve a deep blue pool color?

What is the density of a glass marble?

The density of a glass marble is 2,563 kilograms/cubic meter. The density of an object can be found by dividing the mass by the volume. D=M/V is the mathematical and scientific equation for determi... Read More »

Can I mix glass and tumbled marble for a backsplash?

Glass and tumbled marble combine to form designer tile backsplashes. Manufacturers create premade strips and mosaics using glass and natural stone that can be installed in a backsplash, or you can ... Read More »

How to Remove Soap & Water Residue From Glass Shower With Marble Floor?

Soap quickly builds up on the walls and floor of a shower, especially if you have hard water. The residue is especially noticeable on glass showers as an unattractive gray or white film. If your sh... Read More »