What is a rototiller in dutch?

Answer According to ImTranslator, Babblefish and Free Translation, the word for "rototiller" in Dutch is "rototiller." According to My Memory, the Dutch word is "frees," which translates back to English a... Read More »

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What is a rototiller used for?

Rototillers---small, gasoline-powered versions of plows---are used to till soil and bust up clumps of dirt. Rototillers are also used to control weeds. Use a rototiller primarily to prepare a garde... Read More »

How to Select a Rototiller?

Some garden and yard work can easily be done by hand. There is other garden and yard work that would be much easier if you had a rototiller to help you. You could borrow or rent one, or you may dec... Read More »

How do you fix a rototiller not getting enough gas and not starting because of not getting enough gas?

Clean out the carburettor and jets, clean or replace the fuel filter.

Where do you find parts for a gilson rototiller?

Question:Who is NOT required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved PFD while engaged in the activity indicated?a:a person operating a PWCb:a person riding as a passenger on a PWCc:a boat operator tow... Read More »