What is a rooted android?

Answer A rooted Android is an Android device that has been flashed with a BIOS-like software that allows a few extra features and the ability to upgrade the device's firmware. Read More »

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How do get free paid apps on rooted android?

Do a search for blackmarket.apk. Download this file and install it to your device. You will find many apps here.

Will a rooted Android Phone receive official updates?

Tricks for a Rooted G1?

Rooting a G1 phone with Android technology is a process that opens up many doors and increases the benefits of the newer smart phone. There are many more tricks now available to you once the phone ... Read More »

What does rooted mean in cellphone terms?

Rooting your phone for the most part for the avg user, does very little for you. Rooting requires a person to be able to read and understand words at a 6th grade level (at least). And an IQ that a... Read More »