What is a roman helmet called?

Answer Roman legionary helmets are called either Montefortino, Coolus, Imperial-Gallic or Imperial-Italic, depending upon the period of use. Helmets used by the cavalry and other non-legionary forces are ... Read More »

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How to Make a Roman Helmet?

Want to dress up in a Roman soldier costume? A Roman costume is grand, elegant and authoritative. You are sure to rule the empire (or masquerade party) in this outfit. Learn how to make your own Ro... Read More »

What is a pith helmet called?

Pith helmets are relatively soft, light hats made of cloth-covered pith or cork. They are known by a variety of different names, including topee, topi, sun helmet, salacot and sola topee. Their pri... Read More »

What is a roman officer called?

If you mean a military officer, he can be called either a centurion, a tribune, or a legate.

What Were Roman Coins Called?

The smallest unit of money during ancient Roman times was the sestertius, a silver coin. There were four sesteri in one silver denarius and 25 denarii in one gold aureus coin.Source:Kingsmead Hackn... Read More »