What is a rollover plow?

Answer Preserving soil quality is a key to environmentally friendly farming. This means returning nutrients that were taken from the soil back to the soil through composting. The rollover plow makes it ea... Read More »

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How to Aim Plow Lights?

Aiming your snowplow lights to the correct position helps you to navigate when the plow is in operation. It also helps reduce the risk of accidents by giving you the proper illumination so you can ... Read More »

Who invented the first plow?

In 1837, blacksmith John Deere created the first polished-steel plow able to cut furrows in Midwest prairie soil. In 1838, he started manufacturing plows with his company, John Deere manufacturer.S... Read More »

When was the first plow invented?

Although John Deere is typically credited for inventing the first steel plow in 1837, the first known plow was a swing plow (no wheels on the device) developed by Egyptians circa 4000 B.C.Source:St... Read More »

How to Measure a Plow?

Plows are used for agricultural purposes. Plowing fields is part of the planting process, and knowing the length of your plow allows you to determine how many horses will be needed if you are using... Read More »