Is it best to have the stuffing in the turkey when you boil it, or should you boil it separately?

Answer Boil it???You mean you're not supposed to stick a rolling pin up its cavity and eat it frozen like a popsicle?

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What is a rolling 90 day period?

Answer If you could expand on your question with the context maybe. All I can find is basically a probationary period of 90days.

What year was the Operation Rolling Thunder?

Operation Rolling Thunder, an aerial bombing campaign conducted during the Vietnam War, began in March 1965 and ended in November 1968. During the operation, 634,000 tons of bombs were dropped in N... Read More »

What is the difference between rolling&clap thunder?

Thunder is the inevitable sound effect of lightning. The specific sound, whether a clap or a roll, depends on the type of lightning bolt and its distance from where you are.ScienceLightning is an e... Read More »

What is your favorite beer I love Rolling Rock! do you?

I'll pass on the RR ! For domestic beer, 1 of my current favs is leinenkugal honey-weisse; I also like Sam Adams Boston ALE (not the lager) & a regional microbrew called Ipswich ale !