What is a rocker switch?

Answer A rocker switch is a button that rocks back and forth to turn a device on or off. You find rocker switches on a variety of electrical devices. The "on" end of a rocker switch usually has a circle m... Read More »

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How to Install an LED Rocker Switch?

In many cases, auto accessories like driving lights or rear window defoggers, require a power source, so you will need to install a power switch to turn the accessory on and off. Many people prefe... Read More »

How to Install a Rocker Switch in a Car?

Rocker switches are widely used in automotive applications. More aesthetically pleasing than toggle switches, rocker switches are used for a variety of functions, including fog or driving lights, c... Read More »

12VDC Rocker Switch Installation?

Rocker switches are compact, attractive and blend well with modern interiors, making them a popular choice for switching power to 12-volt aftermarket accessories in cars and trucks. Many people pre... Read More »

12 Volt Rocker Switch Installation?

Aftermarket devices are installed in a car after you bring the automobile home from the dealership. These devices range from exterior running lights to LCD movie screens for the kids. Most of these... Read More »