What is a rocker panel on a car?

Answer The rocker panel is the name for the 3- to 4-inch wide side body panel which runs underneath a vehicle's door sills. Rocker panels are found on both cars and trucks.Source:Dictionary Entry for "roc... Read More »

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What is a rocker panel?

According to Wholesale Car Parts, an auto rocker panel is one of the least expensive auto parts to purchase. This is fortunate because rocker panels can be easily damaged due to normal driving or c... Read More »

What Is a Rocker Panel on a Hummer?

The rocker panel on a hummer is a sheet of stainless steel that attaches to either the lower part of the door, halfway up the door or on the rocker panel itself. Hummer rocker panel kits come in va... Read More »

What Is a Rocker Panel on an Automobile?

The rocker panel is the lowest body panel on the side of the car located between the two wheelwells. In most cars, only the edge of the rocker panel is visible when the doors are closed since it su... Read More »

What Are Rocker Panel Extensions?

Though a car or truck's body may look like one large piece of metal, it's actually made up of a multitude of different components. Over time, the metal on cars can suffer from rust and corrosion. W... Read More »