Robo Cut Directions?

Answer The RoboCut Vacuum Haircutter is an automatic hair-cutting device that connects to a vacuum cleaner. While the Robocut cuts your hair, the vacuum cleaner sucks it up so there is virtually no mess. ... Read More »

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How to Breed Robo Hamsters?

Roborovski Dwarf hamsters, more commonly known as "robo hamsters," are among the most popular rodents on the pet market. Despite some early breeders' difficulties with the species, robo hamsters ca... Read More »

How do i create a file for craft robo?

Prepare to Create a FileTurn on your computer and scan an image. You can also create an image using graphic design software or download an image from the Internet. Edit the image as desired and th... Read More »

How do I care for dwarf robo hamsters?

HabitatChoose an appropriate habitat. Select either a plastic or glass aquarium or a hamster cage with bars spaced close enough together that your robo can't squeeze through and escape. Layer his h... Read More »

How does a Craft Robo work?

The Craft Robo is a vinyl and card cutter. The Craft Robo has an optical sensor that allows laser printed drawings to be transformed to the Craft Robo for cutting.UsesA Craft Robo can be used for ... Read More »