What is a ringtone file?

Answer A ringtone file is an audio electronic file---typically, music or a sound bite---uploaded to your phone and saved in place of a traditional ringer tone for use as the sound that announces incoming ... Read More »

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What is the file extension for Verizon ringtone files?

Verizon ringtones are MIDI files, carrying the file extension "mid". Other music file types, such as MP3 and WAV, can be converted to MIDI using a variety of tools available online.References:Locke... Read More »

How to Use a WAV File As a Ringtone?

WAV files are a common file type for storing sounds, from brief sound effects to full songs. Most cellular phones do not support WAV as a ringtone format, so if you have a WAV file you wish to use ... Read More »

How to Use an MP4 File As a Ringtone for an iPhone?

The Apple iPhone is a smartphone that was introduced in 2007. Among its features, the iPhone allows you to easily set custom ringtones. In addition to being able to pick and choose ringtones, you a... Read More »

Can I use a wav file for a ringtone on a BlackBerry?

Yes, most BlackBerry smartphone models can support WAV (Waveform Audio File) format for ringtones, notifications and music. Many BlackBerry models can also support several other audio formats, such... Read More »