What is a revolving account balance?

Answer A revolving account is an account for which the balance is continually revolving due to new charges and payments being applied to the account. Credit cards are the most common type of revolving acc... Read More »

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What is a revolving account on a credit report?

Accounts listed on a credit report that have fluctuating balances are categorized as a revolving credit account. These are accounts in which balances can go up or down each month, and are not close... Read More »

What is an account balance?

Account balances are either the dollar amount of your asset holdings, or the amount of that you owe to another party. Savers increase account balances with deposits and investment gains. Meanwhile,... Read More »

What is an uncollected balance account?

An uncollected balance account is an account in which a check was deposited, but since the check has not cleared the bank it was drawn on, you do not have access to the funds. Example: If you depos... Read More »

How do I check the balance of an EBT account?

Information to LocateLook on the back of your EBT card and locate the ebtEDGE website address or the automated customer service number provided.Balance Via WebsiteVisit the ebtEDGE website address ... Read More »