What is a revenue code in medical billing?

Answer Health care professionals use revenue codes to quickly convey information about medical services and the related costs. For example, a revenue code of 201 signifies that a patient was in the Intens... Read More »

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What does code 710.9 mean for medical billing?

Answer 710.9 Unspecified diffuse connective tissue disease

What is medical billing code 987.9?

if it is an ICD 9 diagnosis code then it is: Toxic effect of; unspecified gas, fume or vapor.

What does code 780.79 mean for medical billing?

Code 780.79 is a diagnosis code contained in the ICD-9-CM code set.You can look this code and its decription for free at the following helpful

What does the medical billing code 272.2 for?

The blood test is to measure your lipid and lipoprotein abnormalities, which are extremely common in the general population, and are regarded as a highly modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular d... Read More »