What is a retirement annuity?

Answer Annuities are among the many personal finance tools people use to plan for their retirement. Annuities are structured to take a person's money and grow it, then issue a series of payments at a late... Read More »

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What is an IRA annuity and can I withdraw from it at retirement?

An IRA annuity is nothing more than an annuity with special paperwork that encloses it inside an Individual Retirement Account. Like any IRA, the money will be available for you to withdraw without... Read More »

What is a group annuity retirement plan?

According to, a group annuity retirement plan is a plan that provides enough income to replace 40 to 60percent of a retiree's job earnings. A typical group plan funnels contrib... Read More »

What is the difference between a retirement annuity and a pension fund?

Retirement planning is fraught with a lot of jargon and competing products sold by brokers. Two common types of products to help people save for retirement include retirement annuities and contribu... Read More »

Retirement Annuity Options?

Annuities are a popular and effective vehicle for accumulating retirement money. Several different types of annuities exist, each with its own features and benefits. Your individual situation will ... Read More »