What is a resident owner of a condominium?

Answer A resident owner owns the unit and lives there.

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A condominium a sinking fund to accumulate 250000 in 3 years The fund earns 9 interest pa compounded monthly If there are 200 units in the condominium how much each owner unit will payeach month?

Each unit owner will be required to pay $26.69 monthly for 3 years or 36 payments.. That amount of money will accumulate to $213,802 in those t3 years at a 9% compounded rate, or $36,198 in accumul... Read More »

What happens to the condominium owner if the building collapsed in a matter of years?

Any owner of a condominium is obligated to read and understand the governing documents for the association where the owner owns real estate property. Governing documents cover reserve requirements... Read More »

Who is the owner of a condominium?

The owner of a condominium is the person or entity listed on the records of the local municipality. This owner owns the interior portion of a property, bounded by the line described in the associa... Read More »

Can the owner of the condominium open the business in condo?

Read your governing documents to determine the uses for your property allowed by the association.