What is a remote access Trojan?

Answer A remote access Trojan (RAT) is a malicious file, like a virus, that allows a hacker to infiltrate and control another computer without the user's knowledge. The term Trojan was derived from the Gr... Read More »

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Is this a RAT (Remote Access Trojan)?

Here is a description of what a RAT is:…As long as you have a good AV program, you shouldn't have a RAT. I don't know what AV program you use, but I can gi... Read More »

I just bought the ESPN The Ultimate Remote and read afterwards that click36 tv has been discontinued on the product What can you still do with this remote Can you still access sports information?

How do I access a remote PC?

Configure the Remote PCClick the "Remote" tab in the "System Properties" page on the remote computer. Configure the remote computer to allow remote access by clicking the "Allow users to connect re... Read More »

How to Set Up Remote Access Using DSL?

If your computer is connected to the Internet using a DSL modem, you can set up remote access between your machine and another Internet-connected computer using a native Windows tool. This tool, ca... Read More »