What is a relative placement homestudy in georgia?

Answer Georgia cares about the welfare of its children. When children are misplaced from the homes of their parents or are up for adoption, the state wants to ensure that the children will be placed with... Read More »

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Is a physical required for relative placement adoption through social services in North Carolina?

Answer I'm going through the process in California and it is so I'm assuming it would be in any other state as well.

Can you stop your 17-year-old child from moving out of your home in Georgia to a non-relative's home in Florida?

Answer Of course you can!!!.....until the child is 18......

I want to do a homestudy homeopathy course can anyone suggest where can you get funding from as its very dear.?

Why not first join a course on Homeopathy which is totally free, Yes Totally Free, Click the link for more details :-…Here are a few sites which are ver... Read More »

Is it legal for a relative to give a child to a another relative without the courts being involved?

well, it depends. in some countries this matter is allowed. it depends on which country you live in.