What is a regular size penis?

Answer According to WebMD, the average size for an adult male penis is five to six inches erect. When flaccid, the average size is three and a half inches. A study by a Kinsey Institute researcher reveale... Read More »

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How to increase penis size naturally what is the best penis enlargement?

I remember reading somewhere that if you squeeze just underneath the head of your penis gently then gently pull your penis away from you every day for a few months it can make it grow up to one inc... Read More »

What size would i be in hollister jeans if im a size 12 in regular sizing?

Don't call yourself a fat @ss! I work at Hollister and the jeans run small, you can try an 11 (try some stretchy jeggings) and they might work. They don't sell a size higher than that. I always hav... Read More »

What size are 37/38 scuba fins in a regular shoe size?

Scuba fin sizes correspond to shoe size, so a 37/38 fin in the European system is a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 in the American system. If you dive in cold waters and need thick neoprene wetboots, you need a bi... Read More »

What is the size of a bull's penis?

Bull penis sizes vary as there are nearly 1,000 different breeds ranging from 400 pound miniatures to nearly 3,000 pound Chianina bulls. The average penis is about 3 feet long. According to Louisia... Read More »