What is a registry key?

Answer A registry key is a cell of information that a computer operating system uses internally. When a program is installed or reconfigured, the data within the registry key changes accordingly. Some mal... Read More »

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How to Backup the Windows Registry Via Running Registry Editor?

It is important for most common users to make a copy of their registry time to time simply because every single application you installed or downloaded from Web may make some change to your Windows... Read More »

How to Clean Windows Registry With Nemo Registry Doctor?

As the time goes by, your Windows registry is growing in size, and your performance of operating system may be compromised. A powerful third-party registry cleaner Nemo Registry Doctor can help you... Read More »

How do i find my registry key codes from the registry file?

Just run the REGEDIT program to get into the System Registry. Once there you can use the menu options of EDIT ==> FIND to go to any particular value or key that you want to search for.

Is there another name for a registry on a PC?

"The registry" is Microsoft's official name for the central hierarchical database that stores configuration and user data for programs in the Windows operating system. While it has no other officia... Read More »