What is a refunded mortgage?

Answer A refunded mortgage is a mortgage that was obtained through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)/Federal Housing Administration (FHA).Some people were due a refund if: they acquire... Read More »

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Can bottles be refunded in ma if the thing says ct Please help!?

It seems like a hit or miss thing.…

Can you get your deductable refunded if later your insurance does not cover the medical test?

Answer Your doctor gave you services based on YOU paying. His deal is with you, not the Insurance Company. Did the MD PROMISE that you would only have to pay if Insurance Covered it?for more deta... Read More »

Can I be refunded at Argos if I bought something recently but don't have the box/packaging anymore?

ONly if it is faulty. If there is no box they can't sell it to anyone else.

If I was awarded financial aid, but don't take classes that semester dooes the amount gets refunded to me ?

The money is given to your school. The school makes sure that you are enrolled in classes. They then pay themselves, and cut you a check for the remainder. If you don't attend, you are labeled a... Read More »