What is the song in American dad in the camp refugee episode?

Answer It could be one of 4 songs: "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot "Africa" by Toto "One on One" by "Hall & Oates" "Candy" by "Iggy Pop" ... according to:!/Camp+Refoog... Read More »

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Labor's onshore refugee processing = more deaths and 10x cost of Howard's refugee spend. What to do?

I'm not a lawyer and have no idea if they're right or not but the government seems to believe that the Malaysia Solution and offshore processing in general can be made legal but they must have the ... Read More »

How to Survive As a Refugee?

Fleeing your home in fear of persecution because of your race, ethnic group, religion, political affiliation, and other reasons is a trying experience in life. It is hard to survive in a foreign la... Read More »

How to Be an Iraqi Refugee in Damascus?

Now, as refugees in a host country, we learned how to cope with our status. We fled from our country under mysterious and gloomy circumstances, as many Iraqis did.Not surprisingly, you’ll feel ab... Read More »

My 15 year old daughter came home from summer camp and I saw in her diary that she had sex with a boy at camp 5 times and now I think she's pregnant what should I do please I need an answer?

Answer: that's something youd wanna ask a professional, like a sex ed counsler or something. i don't have the answer sorry i hope it works out for the best Answer: I believe you should talk to her... Read More »