What is a refrigerator evaporator coil?

Answer A fluid is passed around a copper pipe wound into a coil, the coil is covered in ethenol (or another liquid with a low boiling point) as the ethenol evapourates it cools the pipe in turn cooling th... Read More »

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What is an HVAC evaporator coil?

Central heating and air conditioning systems use an evaporator coil that allows heated, compressed refrigerant to expand into a cooler gaseous form, removing heat from surrounding air.HVAC SystemTh... Read More »

How do you change the evaporator on a Frigidaire refrigerator and what do you need to do it?

Answer "you" don't, unless you have been trained in some sort of refrigeration/air conditioning repair.It takes a technician (as in, someone with knowledge, not necessarily a certified repair pers... Read More »

Evaporator coil and new air handler?

You can clean the coil in place,they have sprays that will foam the dirt and then you can flush with a hose. Make sure the drain is free and not clogged up. Thereb is a metal cover that you can uns... Read More »

How do I clean an evaporator slant coil?

Cleaning the Evaporator CoilGather your cleaning materials: coil cleaner foam, a breathing mask, a wet/dry vacuum, a soft wire brush and safety goggles. Put on the plastic safety goggles and breath... Read More »